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Dr. Mahesh Bhatt is speaking importance of Spiritual Health, spirituality and health.

Research on Spirituality, Spiritual Health, Spirituality and Health, Public Health by Mahesh Bhatt

Article by Dr. Mahesh Bhatt in 'The Pioneer' on our understanding of Spirituality and Health.

Article on Spirituality and Religion with their interactions, Complexities and Ambiguities.

Spiritual Health Articles - Online portal 'Speaking Tree' is unique portal for sharing views on various dimensions of Spirituality, Religions, Spiritual Health etc. This article 'Spirituality Defined Through the Prism of Religions is Misleading.' by Dr. Mahesh Bhatt help in our understanding of spirituality as a thought process for better understanding of our religions and cultures. 

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Article on Spirituality, Medicine, and Spiritual Health concepts by Dr. Mahesh Bhatt

 Modern medicine and healthcare systems are recognizing the importance of Spirituality, so, healthcare professionals all over the world are thinking about the Spiritual Health as the 'Fourth Dimension' of Human Health. 


Article "Extreme Religiosity can Hamper and Obstruct the Spirituality"

Article "Similarities between Religions and Science" by Dr. Mahesh Bhatt in The Pioneer -

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