Dr. Bhatt at doon University on 30th July 2018

Glympses of three months activities of team #SpiritualHealth

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt communicate with students, scientists, politicians and common people to create scientific understanding regarding health, spirituality and religious thinking.

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Recent News Feb 28, 2018 (Spiritual Health)

Lecture at Regional Science Center on 'Spirituality and Science' by Dr. Mahesh Bhatt on National Science Day.

Recent News


Events and news #SpiritualHealth. Why is spiritual health important?

This video is about the book 'Spiritual Health' during its launch at World Book Fare at New Delhi India.

Events and news (Define Spiritual Health)

Book Spiritual Health Launched

The first part of Spiritual Health released in the World Book Fare on 14th January 2018. The book and its scientific approach to the Spirituality, Spiritual Health and its interaction with religions, religious thought processes, got wider appreciation from the different groups and individuals. 

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Book Launch Activity At World Book Fare

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At Notion Press Stall in World Book Fare

Interaction and discussions with participants and authors at World Book Fare in New Delhi.

Spiritual Health Definition, what is Spiritual Health? to define Spiritual Health were key areas of discussion. Spiritual health care. 

Ways to improve spiritual health and why is spiritual health important?

Press Note By The Senior Journalist Mr. Umakant Lakehra

At World Book Fare in New Delhi.


Welcome to Spiritual Health Science.

Discussion On Spiritual Health With Inter Agency Group

All tghe members of Inter Agency Group after a meeting on Spiritual Health and Community Health.

On Janury 27, 2018

The Inter Agency Group is providing a platform for different organizations working in areas of community development and community health. Dr. Mahesh Bhatt advisor to this group, delivered a lecture on healthcare issues during disasters. On the demand of members he delivered a brief session on his book "Spiritual Health"