Dr. Mahesh bhatt (Mbbs, MS, PGDHHM)

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt, Surgeon,
Writer 'Spiritual Health'
President VIBHA Uttarakhand,
Health and Medical


Dr. Mahesh Bhatt lives in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He is a surgeon by profession with more than 23 years of experience in medical practice, health and hospital management, public health, teaching, writing and research in the field of health and healthcare management.

He has special interest in Spiritual Health and Spirituality since he was in Medical School. He is working on the area of Spiritual Health for last many years.

He has delivered many lectures on Spiritual Health, its relation with Spirituality, its relation with Religiosity and effects of Spiritual Health on physical, mental and social health on different forums.

He created a paradigm shift in understanding of Science, Spirituality, Religions at the level of thought processes in human brain with our deeper understanding of Spirituality, Religiosity and Science in perspective collective human consciousness, collective human intelligence, humanity and human values. Spiritual health definition according to him is similar to humanity and human values. 

(Dr. Mahesh Bhatt - Health and Medical Solutions.) 

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt is President VIBHA Uttarakhand


Dr. Mahesh Bhatt

Author of 'Spiritual Health'

(Health and Medical Solutions)