Spiritual Health And Spirituality

  Spirituality is a highly developed thought process of human brain, which is there in the coding of our DNA, which happens because of millions and millions of years of natural evolutionary and developmental mechanism which resulted in the collective human consciousness and collective human intelligence reflected in the concepts of humanity and human values and put the human beings at the apex of animal kingdom. 

This is the reason that Spiritual Health is considered as an important dimension of human health. How we can define spirituality and spiritual health in the context of scientific, religious and cultural grounds?  How spirituality and religiosity have the ambiguities in their definitions and expressions and how it need to be understood in the light of scientific reasoning? How spirituality and spiritual health can act as a good preventive and promotive tool at individual, local and global level in all dimensions of our health, social and political problems to control, diminish and eradicate human sufferings? 

A paradigm shift in our understanding the whole concept of spirituality and spiritual health.

Spiritual health definition and what is spiritual health?